Postal Services Vs Courier In Singapore – Little Known Differences

Although most people would advise you to simply take on postal services if there is no hurry for your document or letter OR if you want it done as cheaply as possible OR it’s not an important document, I would still recommend you choose wisely between postal services and courier.

Although the postal system in Singapore by SingPost is ok, there is no guarantee that your items would be delivered to your recipient. If it goes missing, SingPost is not necessarily liable and they are unlikely to return to you the missing item too. This might not be something that most people in Singapore know. They assume that SingPost will definitely be able to retrieve the item or return the posted document back to the sender in the event that the recipient cannot receive it for whatever reason. That’s not true. They will attempt delivery, and if it cannot be delivered for any reason at any point in the delivery process, they will not even notify the sender (you) that it’s not delivered. There’s no accountability. In my opinion, that’s very dangerous – especially if you’re dealing with important business items and documents!

Accountability for the items is very important – whether it be for personal or business. I think that it is important for the sender to be able to opt for collecting back the items in the case that the recipient cannot receive it. Not even being able to collect back the items in the situation of non-delivery is ridiculous. You can definitely opt for this service when it comes to the state SingPost. However, it would be under SpeedPost and it costs a bomb to engage their services. Additionally, you need to waste your time travelling down to any of their branches (which may not be convenient for everyone) and send it. When it comes to private courier services in Singapore, it is cheap and they pick it up for you. Isn’t that much more convenient? Also, they will keep you updated on the status of the delivery of the items or documents and they would also be able to return to you the item in the event of non-receipt by the recipient for only a tiny cost. How awesome is that? Here’s a courier company in Singapore that I personally use (for Singapore local deliveries only) –

PCA Masters
Address: #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969
Telephone contact: 6681 5781

Just let them know it’s Arnie who referred you! haha.