Singapore Courier Services Vs Speedpost

Most people are not very sure about the differences between a courier pick up service in Singapore versus services by Speedpost.

Here are some of the key differences you really should know.

As the name suggests, courier pick up services are delivery services in which you do not even need to step out of your office or house’s doorstep and the deliveryman from the courier company in Singapore would drive to your place and pick up whatever documents or parcels you need to get delivered. Additionally, other than picking it up by hand, your documents or parcels to be delivered would also be delivered by hand to your recipient – making it very accountable and reliable. This is unlike the postal services where things can simply go missing. When it comes to pick up Singapore courier services, you would be able to simply retrieve the document or parcel if the person / recipient is not around.

When it comes to Speedpost, you will definitely need to deliver the goods to the people at the Speedpost. There is no pick up services provided by the Speedpost. Therefore, for businessmen who are very busy or office staff who cannot afford to leave the office, they would definitely do much better by engaging a local pick up courier services company in Singapore rather than dropping by Speedpost office. Additionally, you would still need to queue at the Speedpost and if you go there during peak hours, you would have to stay in the queue for at least half an hour! That’s ridiculous to people who have a busy schedule or better things to do in life. On the other hand, you can even opt and get the courier company to only pick up things from you at particular timings which are most convenient for you. This eases the stress for most busy businessmen.