Evolution of the logistics industry in Singapore

In almost every industries, there is bound to be competition. With competition, innovation will occur resulting in improvement in the product or service quality. The logistics industry is especially competitive. There are a lot of players in the logistics industry, such as PCA Masters Pte Ltd Singapore, Courier Network, Singpost, FedEx and DHL. Some of these logistics companies focus on niche services while others offer a broad range of logistical services to customers.

The logistics industry has come a long way from the past. A lot of operational processes has improved largely due to the technological advancement. In the past, large manual labor is needed in its operations. For example, the sorting of the documents and parcels was carried out by hundreds and thousands of people. More than 90% of the labor force is replaced by machines now. Just a handful of people is needed to make sure that the machines are working fine, and to intervene when there is any error.

Moreover, as fewer people uses internet in the past, the logistics industry mainly advertises to people through traditional marketing channels such as TV advertising and radio advertising. Currently, many logistics companies have their own websites and adopt internet marketing as well. They have been going more towards the digital direction.

Apart from having a website presence, many logistics companies also built interesting web and mobile applications to support their operations and customer service. Web applications such as route planning application allow their couriers to find the shortest delivery routes for multiple deliveries. This greatly saved a lot of time and money for the couriers and the company. In addition, there are also web applications and mobile applications that allow the customers to log in to access their accounts which will contain information such as past transactions and current processing deliveries. This heightens the customer service and keeps customers more informed about their delivery statuses.

Looking into the future, I will expect further adoption of technology into the business processes and operations. It is interesting to see how the product and service offering can be improved over time.

Christmas Logistics And Deliveries

With Christmas coming up, it is no wonder that logistics and delivery companies around the world, including Singapore, are getting busier because companies and individuals are sending gifts to each other. This means that such courier and delivery services would be engaged much more often than any other time in the year.

This is especially the case with parcel delivery service versus document deliveries because gifts are usually packed in the form of parcels and documents deliveries are usually only the case for businesses and not individuals.

As you can see in the above video of Fedex, parcel delivery services can be very complicated if it becomes very large scale. Even though most courier companies in Singapore handle a somewhat smaller amount of logistics and deliveries than Fedex did in the above video during Christmas period, it is usually still a respectable amount of parcels.

Therefore, if you watch the above video, the next time you are waiting for your parcel delivery services to be performed and for the package to arrive at your doorstep, you would know that so many things and coordination needs to happen before you receive it.

The above video is very similar to what companies in Singapore actually do for your parcels and that is always the case as long as you engage a courier and not do it through the postal mail.

Singapore Courier Services Vs Speedpost

Most people are not very sure about the differences between a courier pick up service in Singapore versus services by Speedpost.

Here are some of the key differences you really should know.

As the name suggests, courier pick up services are delivery services in which you do not even need to step out of your office or house’s doorstep and the deliveryman from the courier company in Singapore would drive to your place and pick up whatever documents or parcels you need to get delivered. Additionally, other than picking it up by hand, your documents or parcels to be delivered would also be delivered by hand to your recipient – making it very accountable and reliable. This is unlike the postal services where things can simply go missing. When it comes to pick up Singapore courier services, you would be able to simply retrieve the document or parcel if the person / recipient is not around.

When it comes to Speedpost, you will definitely need to deliver the goods to the people at the Speedpost. There is no pick up services provided by the Speedpost. Therefore, for businessmen who are very busy or office staff who cannot afford to leave the office, they would definitely do much better by engaging a local pick up courier services company in Singapore rather than dropping by Speedpost office. Additionally, you would still need to queue at the Speedpost and if you go there during peak hours, you would have to stay in the queue for at least half an hour! That’s ridiculous to people who have a busy schedule or better things to do in life. On the other hand, you can even opt and get the courier company to only pick up things from you at particular timings which are most convenient for you. This eases the stress for most busy businessmen.